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Voices in the Mist

Suzy Winnicroft was just an ordinary twelve-year-old girl when she met an unusual character called Scratch, a special creature called a paxtey, who introduced her to a whole race of beings like him who live in her local warren by the sea.   Suzy soon finds that there is a special reason for her discovery, and after some unusually fierce storms that began with an evil voice in the mist, she embarks on an adventure with Scratch.


Those of you that enjoyed Voices in the Mist will remember that we closed with poor Scratch being carried home by Suzy after he had received terrible injuries from Ogystone. They were really relieved to see the Evil creature puff out and disappear forever. You all learnt about the secret world of the Paxtey, I wonder how many humans will believe that a community of beings like a Paxtey could possibly exist? This Group of beings are very different, as.....