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Suzy and Scratch’s adventure continues in ‘The Revenge of Ogystone’

J.S Ralph’s sequel introduces the new world of creatures

CANTERBURY, England – Following the success of “Voices in the Mist,” J. S. Ralph continues to take her readers to an adventure in a magical world as she publishes its follow-up, “The Revenge of Ogystone” (published by AuthorHouse UK).

The previous book ended with Scratch being carried home by Suzy after he had received injuries from Ogystone. Now, the sequel introduces readers to the secret world of Paxtey, creatures described to have beautiful wings, long ears and long fine hair. They have an ability to hear the smallest sound from miles away, fly in lightning speed and converse with every living creature. They took care of Suzy and Scratch after their escape from the Ogystone Mountain. Little did they know, trouble is yet to come as Ogystone’s anger rages putting the Paxtey community in danger.

Here is an excerpt taken from the book:

That pathetic excuse of a Paxtey they called Scratch and his human met him and fought him. He had to admit the human surprised him with her strength; he would have killed Scratch had she not been there. Then, at least he would have gotten one of them. All that was left in Chamali’s cell was a pile of dusty rags in the corner. Ogystone grabbed them and threw them at the wall. He shouted, ‘That ugly, stupid human. That pathetic, weak, scrawny Paxtey. They tried to stop me!’

“The Revenge of Ogystone” is a story that shows the possibility of people of different races with different views can live closely and support each other.

As the story unfolds, readers will be able to discover about the inhabitants of Paxtey. Ralph invites readers to read with an open mind as this fictional work reflects the realities of the real world.

“The Revenge of Ogystone”

By J. S. Ralph

Hardcover | 6×9 in | 170 pages | ISBN 9781728392110

Softcover | 6×9 in | 170 pages | ISBN 9781728392103

E-Book | 170 pages | ISBN 9781728392127

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

S. Ralph lives in Canterbury, Kent, England. She is the wife of Frank and has a married son, a married daughter, and four grandchildren. She loves animals and enjoys the wonders of the natural countryside around her. Ralph has been writing stories both fictional and nonfiction as a hobby since she was a small child. Then in 2002, she had a strange dream about one of the characters who later became Scratch and “Voices in the Mist” was born. She has spent many happy hours sitting and looking out over the warren and planning this story, which she finally has the pleasure of presenting to readers. Ralph hopes her readers enjoy it as much as she enjoyed writing it. “The Revenge of Ogystone” is her second book.